Jun 30, 2007

Bike Woes

I have officially hit my first hurdle in my search for a tri-appropriate bike: my amazing boyfriend.

He wants to buy me a bike for my birthday (August) which is so incredibly sweet. The problem is that he wants me to get a hybrid bike, and not a road bike.

His concern is that since I am an athena, a road bike will be too unsupportive. he feels that a hybrid bike (cross between a mountain bike, and a casual commuter bike) will have larger wheels and thus will provide better cushoning for me. I hate the look of the hybrids honestly. I do not like them one bit.

I tried to explain to him my reasoning for wanting a road bike - specifically the ease of use on road races, and that a mountain bike, or hybrid even, just is not an interest of mine. We darn near got into a fight today over this.

Now I am not looking for a tri-specific bike. Since I am a newbie, I just want a road bike with drop-down handlebars. Simple. He is almost dead-set against me getting one.

I think that I need some help here from my tri-friends. I am a huge believer that equipment should match the useage - I do not wear trail shoes for a road run, and vice versa.

Astetically speaking I don't like hybrid bikes at all. And I honestly do not enjoy mountina bikes a terrible amount either, I have always felt more comfortable on the road bike, but he just feels that my weight is an issue for that due to the thin wheels.

Unfortunately, any knowledge I have on the subject is not going to help as he will need to hear it from someone who is not me.

Maybe I am wrong, but either way - can someone help? Road v. hybrid bike for my entrance into the tri-world.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnndddd... discuss.


Jess said...

If I knew anything about bikes, I would offer my two cents, but alas, I have no knowledge on the subject. I do know that you have sweet boyfriend for wanting to buy you a bike!

Jenniferlyn said...

I need to so not loose sight of that, you are so right Jess! Mike is amazing, and I really need to stop pushing for my way with this. He is the one set on buying my bike for me, and mainly because he wants us to go for bike rides together, and be active together. I think that I will, or rather should, be happy with a hybrid or an MTB.

I feel like I sound so ungreatful. And I am fr from that! I am soooo blessed. Both to hve him in my life, nd to be able to be active in that life with him.

Thank you Jess!