Jun 22, 2007

New and improved Runnergirl. Now with king-fu biking action, and stealth swim mode.

All I can say is wow. I am joining the local Tri club, FAST, at the end of the month. The outpour of support I have received already from this group is amazing.

I am very respectful of the fact that I have so much to learn about my next step on my fitness journey, and I know that I found a group of knowledgeable swimmers and triathletes to help me achieve my goals.

I am going to keep bringing the A game through my training. I feel that in the end that this will make me a better runner, and dare say it? Athlete? Wow. I had never thought of myself as that before.

I am going to keep improving daily, working my way to fitness.

Once again, I am not abandoning the running girl that I am. I am just adding a few new things to my fitness routine. And that feels wonderful to say. I have a fitness routine. I have confidence again.

And I am still the runner girl... this time new and improved with kung-fu biking action and stealth swim mode. *hee hee*

~})i({ RunnerGirl~
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