Jun 23, 2007

Jenn + 3 years + Bike + hills = Fun times

Last night was a rest night for training, so we went to Sizzlin' Sticks, my all time favorite Mongolian BBQ place! I love it here because like at BD's you can make your own meal. Plus at Sizzlin' Sticks they have brown rice. I made my typical bowl of tofu + tons of veggies, and topped it off with seassonings and salsa mixed with black bean sauce and a little dash of garlic oil.


Then we came back home and watched Little Miss Susnshine. I really did not know what to expect but man-o-man that movie was both funny and rediculous at the same time. Over all I liked it.

I got up at 8AM and headed to the gym. I worked out back and biceps for about an hour, then went to Leo's Coney Island for our weekly "Breakfast of Champions". My breakfast of choice? An eggwhite omlette with spinach, feta, tomatoes, and onion. No hashbrowns. No toast. Tomato slices on the side, and 1 coney extra messy.

Hmmm... what?

Oh yeah - the coney throws you off, eh? Well it threw me off as well... I am now going to be coney free. I am paying for it that is for sure. I ate it first and could barely touch my omlette. Not terribly healthy!

Now that I am in training I really need to get back to food = fuel. Mike and I discussed this exact point this morning and we decided that tonight at dinner with friends, we would get two side salads and split the main course. That way we are eating the proper portions and getting our veggies in to feel full. Man do I love veggies. I just hope we go where there is Salmon. I am so in the mood for healthy grilled fish!

On the training front for this weekend... today was 30 minutes of cross-training (non-running) so I decided to mount the ole bike and head out.

By ole bike I mean Mike's Trek 800 sport (mountain). My bike was actually stolen last year from our back porch. Jerks.

It has been.... conservativly guessing.... 3years since I have actually ridden a bike of any nature... road or mountain. This plays a key part in my training for today.

#$)(&*#%*(^&@*(#&)&*#)&%(*&#)$&*()#$_- Hills. Suck.

The same is true in my running as in my biking route choice around here... we live net up hill. Son of a gun. I really got a quad workout today. I did about a wussy 3 miles, but I could have gone so much further. I really did not want to get hurt or stress out my legs given that I have a 6 mile run tomorrow as my long-ditance for the week.

I figure since I have not been on a bike in 3 years or more that I should take it easy, and remember how to switch gears for hills, to get comfortable back in the saddle, etc.. It felt amazing! I forgot how much fun biking is!

Well I am off to do who knows what. This is a new feeling for me. You know what? I think that I will head up to the bike show and see what bikes are out now-days. I am getting a new bike for my birthday from Mike, so we need to start scoping out prices, etc. Plus I need to see what it feels like to try out different bikes.

I hope that you all are having a nice start to the weeeknd! I will report back tomorrow with the results of my 6-mile training run out at Kennsington. Wish me luck!

~ })i({ RunnerGirl~

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Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas said...

Hey Runner Girl

Ross here, from the Science of Sport site, just wanted to say hi and thanks for your kind words on our post today.

I have just found your site, looking through it now. Good luck with your preparation, I think it's great.

And your blog is super, I love the look!

Anyway, good luck, keep up the training!