Jun 10, 2007


So I have been sorta bad on my diet/exercise/lifetyle change lately. I am suffering a case of burn-out. No, not on running this time. On work.

I seemt o work through all holidays and PTO days. I need a break in a bad way. Unfortunately that break will not ocur for some time. I am thinking that I will need to take a week off sometime before fall launch of cars (I work in the automotive industry). I usually only take an extended weekend occassionally around bigger races.

This year I see that I will need to be dilligent on taking my time off.

As for exercise and diet, you know my lifetstyle change mission, I have been less than great this week. I have been really not focusing on points. I have been exercising, running, and getting in some tempo and cadence runs on hills, but as far as the food goes - yeah I have been less than stellar. Still not anywhere's near what I was before WW, but not as good as I had become.

So I am expeting a weight gain if not at least a stall for tomorrow's weigh in. BOO me. :(

But hey I am not expecting too much of a gain. I have been exercising, I have been eating better than before, and I just need to lax my rules a bit for a week. Not to mention the multitudes of martinis I consumed with my friends Par, Ryan, and of course Mike alst night. Woopsy!

Oh well... I now have 9 weeks to get down that second 20. I know I can do it. I just need to hold on to my gumption and get it done already!

Today I am going ot head out to Kennsington Metropark (KMP) in Milford and run 4 miles or so. Maybe I will push for 5. Then afterwards, I am going to go lay on the beach (KMP has two beaches, 1 wavepark, bike/running trails, horse riding trails, nature walk trails, a farm, a nature center, a boat launch (well two acutally), and a marina for you to dock your own boat and keep there). Needless to say it is heaven to nature enthusiasts!

Off for a bite to eat, then to pack up and head out to KMP for the rest of the day. I may even bring my boat out if I decide that I want to lounge on the lake!


TNTcoach Ken said...

This is when you need to really focus on the goal. Wasn't it a great weekend for being outside? I did the Stoney Creek Park but no real time for the beach part. You're doing a great job, keep up the great work.

TNT Coach Ken

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Ken! I did the KMP thing - I rowed Friday night, then Sunday I went back - ran 4 miles, then hung out omn the beach and swam a bit. It was so nice!

I am ick today (bad hotdog = food poisoning) but tomorrow I am u0p to my 3 mile run, then Legs and shoulders for my ST. I am keeping my eye on the prize, that is for sure!!