Jun 8, 2007

Breaking news!

According the the headline news which scrolls on our TVs here at work, Breaking News! Paris Hilton arrives at courthouse. Seriously though? I understand the outrage over her being let go, and the outrage over the claimed medical reasons for said release, but why are we so freaking obsessed with these people? With famous people? I actually get frustrated when I hear Paris's camp touting, Oh! But she got thrown in jail for driving without a license... unfair! Oh I don't know people, maybe because that was the trade off for not going to jail for her drunk driving episode? You get a break by getting probation instead of jail time, then you break said probation k nowing the consequence is jail. Why is that unfair? Any normal person would have the same sentence. I am not saying punish the famous worse than the everyday people, I am just saying treat us all equally. Grrr. Welcome to my rant of the day. RG


Anonymous said...

Amen sister! I agree with you completely!

teacherwoman said...

I agree... this obsession is rediculous!