Jun 13, 2007

Keeping the eye on the prize

SO I weighed myself today. OK I know that thi is bad but I have the habit of weighing in daily not for my actual weight, but to see how different things affect it. I weigh in at the same time every day, when I first wake up.

So today I was back down 1 lb. Wee! I am really focusing on my goal. I want to be down 4 additional lbs to make my total weight loss 20lbs on the dot. :)

I am trying to get in the habit of waking up early enough to get in my 3.5 mile runs before it heats up. I have been sick the past few days so getting the energy to get up has been troubleome. I think that I am now ready to give it a try next week. I need to get myelf ued to waking up as early as it will require to get in the runs.

Since I missed my 3.5 miler yesterday due to exhaustion, I am not going to make it up, but rather move forward. Today is 2 miles, and I can swing that in the heat this afternoon after work.

I think that I feel good, because in addition to running I manage to get in a 2.4 - 3.4 mile walk nearly every work day. This is helping me stay moving even if I miss the run. Obviously the running is what is going to get me across that finish line - but the walking for bonus cardio during my lunch hour is helping me loose the weight as well. And I will never miss a long run! I do not let myself miss more than shorter run during the week, as this is when I fit in some speed work sesssions. Well - Jenn-speedish-work. ;)

So tonight I have a 2miler, followed by leg/shoulders for strength.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the nice weather! Catch ya later!



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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! And yes, I'm enjoying the weather!