Jun 24, 2007


Just got done with my 6 miles for the day!

Here is today's tally:
Miles ran (slow): 6.01
Avg pace: 13:30/mi.
Best pace hit: 9:30/mi (up hill mind you!)
Calories burned: 987
Cyclists seen: 20,
Runners seen: 4,
Bugs that flew into my eye: 1. (ouch)
Rest time for said bug incident: 00:01:10
Total Running Time (including bug in eye and hydration stoppage/walkage): 1:21:13

And here is my recap. ;)
Todays point was to take it easy and slow, enjoy the run, and get out in nature. I accomplished those three things.

Mile 1- 11:20
I really pushed up all the hills and ran pretty slow down them. Once I saw the time I new I had to slow down. I wanted to try to tay at an even pace, but hortly there after I started to heat up and could not cool down. However, the pace felt really nice. I want to run an 11:20 all the time! It feels wonderfully freeing!! So I guess I better start working towards that, eh?

Mile 2 - 12:17
I slowed it down a bit on this mile, and actually took a hydration walk break at around 1.5 miles. My strategy in the race is going to be to run all the way through, but walk at hydration stops. So that is what I am doing today. I always get queezy when I try to run and drink.

Mile 3 - 13:58
Wow. I knew that mile was slow as that is when I hit a patch of cloudless, shadeless, breezeless hills. The hills at KMP are very manageable, so they were not the issue this time, this time it was pure core-body overheating. I felt like I was swimming in sweat and could not cool down. I pulled out my waterbottle filled with accelerade, and chugged for a while. When I was hydrated and cooled, I ran again. Wrapping up the mile in just under 14 minutes.

Mile 4 - 14:16
So much for trying to keep a contant pace! Again, heated up - walked through hydration. However this time, I stopped to help a mother who's child had a bike accident and wrecked his bike. OUCH! poor kiddlet. And poor bike! The mother ended up having to ride her bike back with his bike lying over her frame. Difficult on those paths. Thank goodness it wa a kid's bike and not full sized!

Mile 5 - 14:03
Walked through hydration breaks, slowed down on the up hills this time. Took my time enjoying the breeze off of the lake... niiiiiiice. I love KMP. I adore Kent Lake. :)

Mile 6 - 14:35
Again, walked through hydration break, this time walked up the long slopping hill back to start. Bug flew into my eye... hocked the heck out of me. Darn bugs. Thi leg, thoguh, is where I pulled the 9:3o/min pace out at the end. Uphill. Strong finish!

Total time : 1:21 and change.

I left a lot out there, which is a little nerve wracking given the time (48 days to CDC!!), however today was not a go all out run - it was a slow and steady run.

I have settled on some things because of this run today. (Yeah!!!)
  1. Accelerde is THE hydration option for me, but I need to carry two waterbottles now - 1 with Accelerade, and 1 with good old H2o. I started to get a headache at mile 4, and then it stayed with me until the end. I wa dying for some clear water, no flavor, but the Accelerade kept me strong and filled, just still a little thirsty. Maybe I should dilute it a little. I will try that Tuesday on my 4 miler.
  2. I need to run in my Waverider 9's with socks that have extra coushining in them. When I wear lighter socks I have arch pain. This is the first run without any sort of leg pain Quad, hammy, shin, or arch/foot!!!! I found a winner combination! About time!
  3. I need to run in a sports bra only. I wore a bra and a singlet out there but still heated right up. Ugh.
  4. I need longer shorts. My thighs be rubbin' together, and even with my Addidas running lycra's on, OUCH. I had to stop no less than 4 times to adjust the legs so I wouldn't chaffe. And you know what? I still chaffed! *pout*

One thing I did confirm is that I definitely have a core temperature issue - which is odd given that it was 80* outside. I mean come on... perfect running weather! I did rock it when there was shade or a breeze - but when the sun was beating right down on me, I had some issues with heat management.

I need to find the right clothing options for me to get the best results. Thsi week I want to try some of my run in the AM on the rail-to-trail system I walk at lunch. The time and temps will be more reflective of CDC, as well as the fact that the ground is flat. I wonder hwo that will go! ;)

Well enough recapping of a training run, lol. Go off and read some race reports... that is where all teh good stuff is!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend out there. I am so ahppy that Summer is finally here!



Jess said...

Good job getting the six miles in; it doesn't matter how it went, just as long as it went.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the 6 miles! wahoo!

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried any anti-chafing products like body glide? they work really well and you can even get small applicators to bring with you so that you can reapply, if necessary.

also, just curious if you ever run with heart rate monitor. i find that really helps me keep control of my pace, especially on the hills. you will find that your core overheating problem might improve a bit, too, when you can control your heart rate and keep it in your desired training range.

i understand your desire to push it, though. you need to have those kind of running moments, too. it's all about finding the balance that works for you and your goals.

you are doing great!

Unknown said...

Great job, Jenn. So sorry that I did not try calling you on Saturday.

Jenniferlyn said...

Aww thank you everyone!

Matt - I used to use that stuff like it wa going outta style... but I cannot find my stick anywhere. I need to get more... and now I see that there i one with SPF even! W00t! I need an HRM because I think that I am pushing my heart rate a bit.

Denise - no problems! I look forward tot alking to you again soon!!!!! Like, before August. ;)

Teacherwaoman and Jesss - thank you both!