Jun 7, 2007

Happy 100 episodes Steve Runner - Phedippidations podcast turns 100 episodes this week!

I just wanted to throw out a very happy 100 episodes to my favorite podcast, Phedippidations. Over on www.steverunner.com you can download his latest and greates podcast, subscribe to his group, or even subscribe to his podcast via iTunes. Steve "Runner" has been a huge inspiration to my running. Along with all of you out here, her has provided my runs with the backdrop neccessary for me to keep pushing along. He puts so much time into the podcast that I just wanted to give something back to him. If you have not checked him out, please give him a listen. His podcasts are entertaining, thoughtful, and always have science and interesting facts built in. I never feel like I am in a lecture hall, but I do walk away after listeninng to him with more knowledge and a sense of community than prior. So with this I say Thank you Steve. Run long, and taper.

1 comment:

Runner Susan said...

"run long and taper" is going to be my new favorite says.

Yay for 100s