Jun 7, 2007

Devilish Runner

I am sore. I worked out so incredibly hard this week. I have 3 more days of intense strength training, and 3 more runs this week. I am devilish. I start out strong, then feel the pain. And now, I want it more. I want that pain. I NEED that pain. Because this pain is the pain of accomplishment. it is the pain you are rewarded with when you make a decision and work for it. If pain is weakness leaving the body, then I am becoming stronger ever day. One year ago, this past Monday, I started this journey blog. I figured that it would help me stay accountable for my running. Little did I know that it would bring me to people that I have so much in common with, share the same passions, and goals. This journey is wonderful. It is joyful. This journey is just begining, even 1 year later. I had no idea THEN of the person I would be NOW. I sorta like it. Have a great day everyone!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice pic ;-)

teacherwoman said...

Isn't it crazy. After a while... you will feel like you know some of us quite personally! hehehe

Pat said...

congrats on your blogaversary. Keep up the good work, I know you can do anything you set your mind to.