Jun 28, 2007

A wonderful 4 at 5:30AM!


And I tell you - it felt WONDERFUL to be out there.

I made a little deal with myself before I headed out the door.

ME: "He self, since we are really going to go out and do this -"
SELF: "Whoa whoa whoa there missy. You mean this is not a joke. You are NOT going back to bed?"
ME: " - well no. I am not actually. We need to get in 4, and a good quality 4 at that. So ANYHOW - as I was saying... since we are going to do this, I will make you a deal."
SELF: " Uuuummm... what is it?"
ME: "Well. We will start out slow, and we can walk UP the really steep hills to conserve enrgy. BUT That is the only time we are walking, ok? I mean it this time. Do we have a deal?"
SELF:"Well... OK. Oh! But what is we get cramps and pains or we get out of breath?"
ME:"No deal. We have to learn to PUSH THROUGH IT. OK?
SELF:" Oh, alright."
ME:" OK. So.. let's get this done already!"
SELF:" OK. See you back home!"

Yep. So I did it.

Mile 1 - 12:45. Slow steady pace, no walking at all (no major steep hills.) But this time I did not PUSH myself up hill.. I just kept my effort nice and easy.

Mile 2- 12:55. Saw 2 rabbits, 1 HUGE groundhog, a some bullfrogs, tons of birds, and a chipmunk that thought he was a bird, crossing a powerline with a twig. Awwwwwwww. How cute is nature in the morning? I mean seriously! Kept my pace teady and walked up the teepet portion of the hill. It was a loooong hill.

Mile 3- 13:24. This mile has some MAJOR hillage, so I made sure to keep my pace steady and slow on the down-hill (I do not need to aggrevate my knee!) and walk up the hills as well. I had to walk through a light as well on this mile, hence the 13:00 time.

Mile 4 - BRINGING IT HOME IN 11:46!! This smile actually had 2 steep hills, and by far the steepest of any mile. Why the shorter time though? I figured it was my last mile, so I pushed hard. I made it to the first hill in a little over 10:00/mile pace. I still walked up the two hills - but I really pushed myself on the flats.

And the best part is I felt like I could have done a lot more than what I did. That feels wonderful. I am sweaty. I am feeling good. Heck - I am feeling GREAT.

OK, well off to shower and then head into work! I love accomplishing all of this before the day starts.

I hope that you all ahve a wonderful Thursday!



Anonymous said...

I have had this exact conversation with my 'self' a hundred times. Unfortunately, at 5.30am 'self' is know to win!

Anonymous said...

excellent work! and way to bring it home like that. i see an early-morning runner in the making :)

Unknown said...

Great job, Jenn!

Unknown said...

Yawn, I’m tired just reading about it. I hate early moanin runnin!

TNT Coach Ken

KdoubleA said...

KEEP IT UP!!! (In certain instances, I don't like hearing that, but here, it's a compliment.)