Jun 18, 2007

Always running, but never the same.

Today was weigh in. I am seeing progress and am taking action! It feels good to be in control again.

Ken is right, I am learning some very valuable lessons. And honestly, I want to learn these lessons NOW versus the day of the race. I am trying out everything from hydration strategies to nutrition to clothing. I am being very serious about this. And enjoying every step of the way! Uuuummm... no pun intended!

My frustration at work is fueling my desire for control everywhere else. I am sticking to my guns. In 7 days my goal is to be down 4lbs, to have made all of my runs scheduled for this week, as well as to have done my strength training every weekday.

I am on track for all of these things. I did miss Sunday's 5-miler due to being up north for F-day, and Saturday I had to deal with my water heater exploding, so I am pardoning myself. I am only looking forward.

We live life forwards, and learn from it backwards.

Happy running everyone!

})i({ RunnerGirl


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're on a roll!

Good luck with everything

Unknown said...

Give yourself some slack every now and then. Like you, I schedule myself for seven days knowing that life will creep in and somehow change that.

You go RunnerGirl

TNT Coach Ken