Jun 19, 2007


Or in my case... Da Feet. ;)

I do not know how well this turned out but in the above word, VICTORY is a very small but powerful word.

It is actually what seperates the letters in victory... what can keep us from victory. Look really hard, it is there.

The purpose of this post is pretty much acknowledging that in every victory is there is a little DEFEAT. It helps define the situation as a whole actually. What is true in war is true in life is true in biking, swimming, running, or even kayaking. In just existing.

We must go through some defeatist times to eventually hit victory, but in the end we too shall prevail.

Today is POSITIVE TUESDAY for me, so I wanted to share this positive idea. Celebrate everything that you have accomplished... all of your victories.

I am celebrating my 4 mile run today. I am celebrating growing stronger every day. I am celebrating all of these little victories over myself. because I am defeating the old me. And man does it feel great.

So today, what are YOU celebrating?

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