May 14, 2007

So there IS a marathon in my future!

I was parusing around the Jeff Galloway website today looking for watch information, when I came across the Run with Donna Marathon. I have heard of this race before, but I decided that why not go for that marathon? So I am. Shocker! It is in 2008, so I will have plenty of time to get in tip top shape! What I want to know, are any other RBFers planning on doing this run as well? It would be great to meet you all!


Jess said...

Is this the one in Jacksonville? I've heard of it. Is it in Feb? I might consider it; although, I'm already leaning toward the A1A marathon in Feb, so I'd have to see.

Unknown said...

Right on!!

Jenniferlyn said...

Yes this si the one in Florida. It i supposedly cool around the time of the race, so that is good!

Good luck on whichever marathon you choose Jess!