May 13, 2007

A non-running weekend - but for a good cause!

This will be a quickie just to update everyone on my progress.

Mile ran this weekend = ZERO
Reason why I missed my run today = I was TIRED.

Not a good enough excuse? Yes actually it is. In this case. ;) I was at the Genesys Regional healthcare Center's Emergency Room with my best friend Christina last night until 4AM today. I got home around 8AM - and woke up at 5:30PM in time for dinner with Mike's family for mother's day.

Christina is doing MUCH better. Still not cured of the mystery illness... still in pain and hopped up on Vicadin, but other than that - at least she is out of the Hospital!

So little to report this weekend except that I had a wonderful time with my mother Saturday! We had a blast shopping and eating and just enjoying each other's company.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you hot mamas out there!

And remember - keep on running!


Backofpack said...

Okay, that's a pretty good reason. Hope they figure out what is going on with your friend.

Jenniferlyn said...

k you! SHe is resting today - and it was pretty tough on her, given that today was mother's day and she came close to having to celebrate in teh ER with her 7-year old son!

At least they got to get out and have a "normal" celebration.

Thank you for the well wishes for my friend. She appreciates them!

Sarah Elaine said...

Definitely a good reason. I hope your friend recovers quickly.

Unknown said...

I hope your friend is feeling better today.