Apr 5, 2007

I don't hate bald people... not as a group anyways. -+

Today I was in rare form. Juices were flowing... and I felt great! I went to my "home" location for work - Troy, and decided to be there a majority of the time this week.

I am dually located, so I work out of two offices - Troy and Auburn Hills. If you are familiar with the metro-Detroit area, then you will know that these two cities butt up against each other. My two offices are only 6 miles apart in fact.

Anyhow - at Troy is that jerk who likes to call me fat. The one that I rant about often. I saw him today, and decided to take aim. I walked up to him and asked... "so Uttam, do I still look fat?"

Since a co-worker was with me he just shook his head and laughed. Once to co-worker walked away - he looked at me and said, "You have not lost 1 pound. Not pound. Why don't you work out?"

OK - profanity alert in...





He is a complete and utter asshole. Pardon my french.

But I did something awesome today. I laughed in his face and said "See you in 1 month buddy. Then who will be fat? Because in 1 month, you will still be bald. Have a nice day... you ASS."

And then I walked away.

Pat's self on back.

So I am off to the gym soon, to complete another week 2 portion of the C25K program.

I feel more like my old running self daily. I have given three friends running advice (they came to me out of the blue mind you) in the past week, which seemed odd to me but honestly I have a lot of knowledge in my little head. That happens when you have been a serial runner for 4 years.

What this also proved to me - was seeing how freaking geeked I got to talk about running... I think... oh yes... that I just may have my passion for running back.

The topics discussed this week were pretty intense... HRM vs. GPS vs. "naked" running. Which GPS monitor to go with... and my personal fave - people who think because they can run 1 mile - that they are ready to train for a marathon. Another few topics discussed over the past week with different people - the pressures from peer groups associated with running (i.e. feeling that you HAVE to do something because someone else is sort of pressuring you into it, etc.), how races can sour you, and of course training plans.

Another thing that lets me know that my passion is back is that I am getting downright IRATE at a few running people. One person in particular is influncing a running friend of mine and it is really ticking me off. Said person has been putting severly negative thoughts into her head... such as she is not ready for the marathon that she is about to run in less than 4 weeks, that she is a horrible runner because her half marathon time was 2:35 and change, and that she is making excuses for why she is a slow runner because she has TS. I call Bull-crap on all of these.

People like that make running miserable for the rest of us. They are self-absorbed petty petty people and it drives me crazy... especially when they completly and outright PUT DOWN someone's accomplishments. I am sorry - but there is no such thing as a bad Half marathon time... if it is your first one!!!!!

My running friend has put so much into this training, she has some health issues she is trying to overcome, as well as she has a low self-esteem to begin with... that this cow has been having a very negative effect on her.. and with only 4 weeks left until the marathon - she is pretty down and out. :(

Cows. Udder cows... lol. ;)

Anyhow - jerks are among us. We just have to learn how to deflate their comments and not let them effect us on that level.

OK enough rambling... I have some taxes to attend to and some running to do. ;)

Run on y'all!
~Runner Girl


TNTcoach Ken said...

U go girl. It's rare to hear someone talk like that in the running community. I'm glad you got everything out in the open. Lastly, we bald guys don't want to be hated. Run On

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I can't believe that guy at the office is so mean.  I'm glad you chewed him out.

I'm one bald guy who thinks you should be treated better.