Mar 26, 2007

Runner's rehab.

I tapped out of the pig once and for all. I am in NO shape to do another half until I get this weight off of me!!!

I have been so far out of running, that I am throwing myself into the C25K program. I did tonight's workout with little effort, which makes me feel good.

Oh, and before I get posts about "you need to put mroe effort into it if it is too easy" - rest asssured my fellow runners and friends aloke - By little effort I do not mean it was easy.. I mean that I can stand to run 60 seconds hard with 90 second brisk walk breaks and not wish I were dying. ;) Now that is awesome to me right now!!

I know that it seems odd to be a half-marathoner, and now throwing yourself back into a 5K training program - but this is what I need to do to get back into the rhythm of running again. I am such a freaking slacker that I completely fell out of running. Oh yes - being sick for over 4 weeks surely had something to do with it. But at the end of the day - I lost my base. I am too far lost to jump right back into my 6-8 mile runs.

So yes - I am out of the Pig once and for all. I am still in for the CRIM 10 miler in August, and the Chicago Distance Classic in Augut as well. Not to mention the Chicago half, BAA half, and of course - The Freep/NB Half marathon.

But I am taking a few steps backwards in order to fully move forward with my training. I am re-teaching myself the basics of running. First off my running pattern is too aggressive for my current weight. (I love my cheesy poofs) I need to run at a pace - make that teach myself to run at a pace - with which my body can endure.

So tonight was day 1, week 1 of the C25k 9 week program. I will get there for sure. Once I hit the strong 5k distance, I will then jump back into my training program with Hal Higdon, which should wrap up in plenty of time for all of my planned races.

I am proud of myself for taking this first step into reintroducing my sick-arsed self to my running life. I have identified myself for so long by my running, that I felt a little lost not being out there.

I am not ashamed to admit that I need to start over again. At the end of the day, I am doing this for me, right? So what difference is running a solid and quick 5k vs. a half-arsed 13.1? Pride. I will take the firm 5k over a sloppy 13.1 anyday.

And all of this will help me build back up my base to be a better half marathoner. I am in runner's rehab if you will!
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