Mar 24, 2007

Beach! UPDATED: with recap and more pics.

Yeppers - this is me in West Palm Beach at the Breakers. It is freaking windy! Loved this vacation - I needed it so bad!!!!

Well....   This weekend was by far the most needed vacation ever.  So in true-to-Jenn form, here is my recount of the weekend:

Mike was in Florida for a wedding, so I tagged along to enjoy the beauty that is the sunshine state.  Hey!  Did you know that you can get burned outside even when there is no sun? 

True story!  (lol... Christina that one is for you!) 

We left MI Friday PM.  We arrived at the airport with plenty of time, but somehow everyone and their brother decided to park in the Big Blue Deck, so we ended up getting to the gate with minutes to spare... until we found out that our flight was delayed 2 hours!  Thank goodness for BB King's - the food was good.

We finally get on our way, watching MXC and Airplane!  for the entire duration of the flight. Right you are Ken.  What flight?  We laughed the entire way down!

Landed in West Palm Beach, headed over to the house for a quick bite to eat, and then left again at 10PM for Miami.  ;)  I LOVE this state.  Seriously.

We arrived in Miami one short hour later, parked, and then headed into the Future Sounds of Breaks at Area51/Diskotecca. 

Dear lord... what an amazing time.  Talk about sensory overload!  Almost every one of my fave DJs were there... DJ Icey (amazing mix!), DJ Fixx, and Uberzone, who did a live show (meaning that he was not spinning discs, but rathe rperforming the actual music live).  *drools*  We had a blast!!!!!  Screw BT - Uberzone is the shizznit.

At around 3:30AM we decided that since Mike had wedding duty the next AM, we should head back to WPB.  On the way - we spot the Hard ROck hotel and Casino - Seminole.  Yep.  That is right.  That is where Anna Nicole died.  So of course I did what anyone would do - *snap*. 

Gotta get my picture on!

The next day we had a nice relaxing day.  Post wedding, we went to the Breaker's private beach,

had lunch with Mike's mom, and swam in the ocean until it started to rain.  Needless to say - I got a little burnt. (Just a lil!) In WPB I saw Ivana Trump's yacht, Estee Lauder's house (now owned by her son),


Valentino's house, and the church where Donald T and his current wife got married.  Last trip down I saw the estate which Donald calls his Florida home.  Holy crap. 

After the beach, we came back home, showered, and got ready for a night on the town with Lorraine, her boyfriend Darrin, and mom.  We started off with some great martini's - one was a pear brandy/vanilla vodka/pear juice/champagne mix that I really liked.  The next one - or four rather - were Sex in the City martini's......  oh my goodness.  I also threw in a fu-fu on the rocks for good measure! After the pre-party, we headed out to Ra, an amazing sushi bar.  I have never had sushi so fresh, or so spicy as at Ra. 

What an experience.  They even have a live DJ that spins the decks after 10:00PM.  We left at around 10:30 to head over to a french pastry shop... mmmmmmmm macaroons!  Diet?  What diet?  I have a lifetime, right?!?

After chatting for an hour or so on the sidewalk, and major people watching, we decided to call it a night and headed back home.

Sunday was a calm day of soaking up the rays by the pool at the house until we had to leave for home. 

After a quick shower and packing of the bags, we returned to the airport - only to nearly miss the flight again.  SERIOUSLY!  Truth be told - I would not have minded so much if we had to stay another day.  ;)  Twist my arm!

Now I am back here... dreaming about those Florida winds in my gardenia ladden hair. 

Well, I do have a few more trips planned this year - Vegas in June, Chicago in August, and back to Florida later this year, where we will jet ski from WPB to the Keys and have a nice week long trip. Damn straight.

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