Mar 9, 2007

Progress is a wonderful thing and the ultimate motivator.

I ran my 2 miles last night around a track at the gym. I am now patting myself on the back because as of today, I am 11.2 lbs. down. That is right, 11.2 lbs banished from my body never to return again. I am right on target for my training and as a reward for my progress, I am treating myself to yoga tonight, SELF challenge strength training and Yoga Saturday, and a 6 mile run on Sunday. That is my new reward system... moving today so I can move more tomorrow. Progression is a motivator. Either your progress slows an dyou are motivated to move harder, or it grows and you are motivated to keep it up. If it does take 21 days for a habit to develop, then I am 9 days down. And I feel wonderful. I blew right through the 1st mile last night and felt strong. I know that I was running a much quicker clip than usual because I was working it. I walked a little during mile 2, but that is OK because I earned it, and I still ran more than walked! Celebrate yall!
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