Mar 11, 2007

SIck... AGAIN??!

Man oh man. Welcome to week three of my hell.

Oh yes folks.. I am sitting here with a HUGE head-cold. I just am not getting better. :( I did get in my runs last week, but a 6-miler today? I can barely breathe, and my nose is completely inoperational. Me thinks that I will have to get in my 6 sometime during the week. But we all know how I have deviating from the plan.

I just do not see how I can do it today, but I will try. I mean even if I have to walk 1 mile and call it quits... I need to at least get out there. (snotty nose and all!)

Ugggh... well time to go back an dlay in bed to see if I can banish this soon to be full-force headache.

Stay comfy out there folks!

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