Mar 5, 2007

Off to the land of beer, beef, and cheese!

That sentence alone is 1000% better than the entire plot for Epic Movie. ;)

I am leaving tomorrow afternoon for Milwaukee and West Bend, WI for an overnight trip. :( No biggie.

I am looking forward to feeling better, which I say I mostly do as I am now only coughing when cold air rushes me.

Unfortuantely, after reviewing what is available at the hotel, I see that there is an indoor pool (yeah for me), however, the fitness center is off-site (we get free passes). I will be arriving at 5PMish, then we are heading to dinner, so maybe I will just do my Self Challenege workout in my room. And I will bring the DVD player and some good workout DVDs... but then again.. this IS just an overnight trip!

SO I will do the self challenege workout then. All I need is the audio (already on the new iPod), and the workout cards/magazine (thank goodness I am a subscriber!)

Well, off to bed. My video iPod is all synced up now with a few TV shows, and my iPod shuffle is all synced up with my workout music, schedules, and misc. fitness podcasts. Oh and a few good NPR podcasts as well. I must stay educated!

Have a good start of the week. I will check back in with the results of my Self Challenge workout tomorrow.

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