Jan 17, 2007

The year of 1500.

Look at that face above. That is the face of RunnerGirl. It is me, and I am happy to say that this is the year of my 1500!

This is the year that...

I break a lifetime mileage of 1500 miles.
I run 300 miles in this year alone.
I reach my goal of a sub 2 40 half.
I become serious about training.
I shed those pounds.
I find happiness in living life.
I keep on reaching for the stars.
I smile more than I frown.
I shed less tears of sorrow and more tears of joy.
I am not afraid to stop and smell the flowers... even if during a race.
I will train someone to run their first 5k and then some.
I will reflect back on every race prior and take a lesson with me to the next.
I stop qualifying myself by the numbers I see.
I start quantifying my runs by the numbers that matter.
I stop obsessing over the numbers in either case.
I get back to basics and listen to my body. It is afterall, the best pience of equipment I have.

Here is to your year.
Keep on running,


Anonymous said...

Awesome goals, Jen!

Anonymous said...

I like your new blog.

I just got an email from K80K in Maryland. She's the one I told you about that is active with the Firm. She said she met you on a Firm chat. How cool.

Hope you had a save journey back to Michigan.

Arizona, USA

Oh by the way, she showed me the picture of the three of us. Can I put it on my blog?

Jenniferlyn said...

Absolutely Pat! use it all you want! I can send it to you if you want!

What is funny is that I was just thinking - wow k80k is teh same name as one fo teh girls on the Firm forums... lol how funny!

Anonymous said...

Great goals!  Good luck!