Jan 29, 2007

Being in the dark. Sometimes it is a good thing.

Somedays dont you just feel like you are in the dark? Not so much that things are being hidden from you per say, but just that a cloud surrounds you, or that you are not thinking clearly?

Sometimes as a runner I feel in the dark but in a good way. I think How to begin? Where to run? How to train? What about fuel? These are all questions that pop into my head from time to time. Not that these ponderings are bad, it just makes me wonder why we need all the glitz and gadgetry... why not just run?

I often post up here about all of my gadgets. Man oh man. I love my gadgets. But what benifit do we really get? Well Garmin aside, I need my Garmin!, I am done with gadgets. I can go and be free. And I think that that is what running has become for me. Freedom. Therapy. Me time. It grants me focus and the ability to hone in on my body... in a positive light!

Now that is refreshing. I sort of like being in the dark.

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