Jan 4, 2007

Bah humbug

I found out last night that Mike will more than likely be unable to go to Phoenix with me for the PF Chang's RNR Half.

His work is unreasonable, as he put in this request more than 2 months ago. They decide a week before we are to leave that no one is willing to cover his shifts, nor is his manager willing to fill in
for him. Yeah, that is her job by the way.

I am really bummed, not only because I will probably be going solo to AZ, but because his work is so unfair.

He really feels as if he is letting me down, but I told him that it is not him who is, it is his employer who is letting us both down.

So I am excited to go still, but not nearly as much as before. I am really bummed about this. Grrrrr.

Oh well, we are hoping that after he talks with his coworkers one will see how important this trip is to him. I hope that at least one has a heart over there. Lord knows he has covered for all of
them at one point or another.

Happy running!

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