Dec 31, 2006

Hear is to Health and Friends. Happy New Year all!!!

Well today marks less that 2 weeks before I set foot on the PF CHang's RNR Half Marathon.

I am psyched, not for a killer time as my injury laden past few months will prevent all but finishing, but to get out and run again in a half marathon.


I am very excited about this - I get to meet some RPFers (Pat and Denise to name two), as well as to feel the ground pass below my feet in sunny warm AZ! Sure beats the cold and rain of MI.

I am excited to take pictures, enjoy the race, enjoy to concert, and have fun while I am out there. And that is what this journey is all about. Fun and health.

I have come to an understanding the past few months. An understanding that I need to make a life change. My weight has sky-rocketed (I gained 15 lbs since the FREEP. HELLLOOOO!) and I need to get back on track. No quick fixes here. I am doing a full health makeover in 2007. And I already started it. (4 lbs down so far)

Aside from running, I am also working very hard on eating properly and working out regulary for strength and endurance. I am meeting with a nutitionist, as well as going to my PCP for a full physical in February.

I know by getting my health in order - exercise and eating well - the weight will come off as my body finds its appropriate balance. My goal is to get down about 41 lbs. I can do it. But I know that this will not be a get down and then get back up in weight. No. Not this time. I am talking life changes. I want to be healthy for a lifetime. And that requires a life plan of constant exercise and healthy eating. Like I said - no quick fixes here.

So I wanted to check in here and let you all know that I am still very much alive! My injuries have led to reduced running, so I felt as though I should back off from posting nonsense and wait until I had something of value to post.

You know - because this means so much! LOL... well it does to me.

I promise to be more dilegent in my posting from now on. I have a lot to look forward to, and a lot to share with you, my running family!

To everyone - please have a safe New Year's Eve!

Let us all take a moment today to reflect on 2006. The good, the bad, the ugly. Let us all resolve to keep up with our good habits, and to make a stride towards betting ourselves in new ways. Nothing cray - just little steps.

A positive attitude can do wonders!

Think of all the running, the trails, the marathons, the halfs, the 5ks!

What a beautiful year 2006 was, and what a wonderful 2007 lies ahead of us!
It is only limited to what we make of it. Destiny is only part of it, our lives still are lead by the choices we make in our day to day.

See you all in 2007!

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Anonymous said...

You'll have a great 2007. Starting with a fun RnR run.

See you in Arizona,


Anonymous said...

Have a great time in AZ and all the best with your health goals in 2007 and beyond. It ain't easy but it's a life time committment to yourself that is completely worth it.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you both!

I am looking forward to the change, and even though I started before the new year, I am doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Jenn. You will do great! 11 days until the PARTY!! WHooohooo! I am not even counting down the race now. :D

Anonymous said...

happy new year!!!

see you in two weeks :)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Have a great 2007 and I hope to see you at some of our local races.