Dec 14, 2006

12/12/06 - Mark of my 1 year anniversary at SVDO

Today marks my 1 year anniversary at my employer.

It is funny how time flies when you actually enjoy something.

I look back at everything that I have done in the past 365 and a quarter days, and it all seems like some alter-reality. Waaaay too quickly this year is progressing. It is so close to Christmas it is scary. But somehow wonderful as well.

I just hope that I made good use of my year. I know professionally I did, but personally - what did I really do?

Last year (2005) I went to Florida on Vacay - ran in a lot of races, and had a blast all in all.

This year was more work oriented. Still had a blast with all the stuff I did - clubbing, music, many trips to Chi-town for PureNation and to visit some friends, trips to Boston, trips to Arizona, trips to Mexico - oh and of course Alabama to feed my obsession with space. Recognize!

So this up coming year I am working on better balance. Health/fitness, work, and fun. Oh and of course school - how could I forget that already! I am not even a week out of the term and it is a long ago memory.

2007 will mark the year of at least 3 half marathons (AZ, Freep, Chicago), a few more trips to Chi-town (that is a given), a few weddings, a few more anniversaries, a potential MBA graduation (keeping my fingers crossed I can balance that with a new workload - possibly now looking at Winter '08 for graduation), and a great new start at work.

I am a big believer in mini-vacations now - I cannot stand too much downtime, but would love to have unlimited vacation days lol! So we have a few weekend vacations planned - some around the races. Some around the weddings. And some just for some well deserved R&R.

Vegas may be on the list again this year (watch out Elvis!) and maybe a trip to NYC for a change of pace. Florida is a must again this year - cannot wait to fall out of my top due to a wave AGAIN!

I am also starting a few resolutions NOW.

*Ballys - scheduling - I must stick with my 5 times a week routine. I love it there - just need to find schedulling which is consistent and works.

*Ballys - personal training - I am going to get another personal trainer to help kick my a$$ a bit and help turn up the heat in my workouts. I am efficient, but I could use a switch-it-up occasionally.

*Running - I am for sure in for 3 halfs this year - but my resolution is to continue on with my joy of running. I want to explore new avenues in the sport - maybe a new form (Chi Running is supposedly quite good for achey joints) or a new type all together. Also to meet a few of my running buddies from the Running Blog Family. DENISE!!!! Only 30 days!!!!!

*Work - I really want to define myself better at work, and so far am doing well at reaching this goal. 2007 can only be better!

*Relationship - start a new tradition this year, to add to all the other traditions we have now!

*Diet - as my friend Par would say "I hate 'diet'... it has the word DIE in it!" So this year I am going to finally go to a nutritionist and find out what my issue is with food. I AM going to lose 30lbs.

So much to do and a whole new year to do it in! I do have 16 days vacation to do it in as well. And that is not including holiday downtimes, and other misc. days off we receive.

So all in all - the past year has been wonderful, and as always a learning experience.

So what have you to reflect on this past yeaqr, as well as this upcomming, fresh new year? Wanna join me in starting the new years resolutions now?

Take care everyone!

PS - thank you all for your words of encouragement. I sort of got berated over at my myspace page for the last post I posted here. Apparently I am without a back-bone and a fake person. Awesome. *humph*


Anonymous said...

Congrads on your anniversary!

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

congrats, and here's hoping your new year is full of what you want :)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job RunnerGirl, and the years start going even faster.