Dec 10, 2006

Jingle Bell Run Part 2 - well sort of.

Mike and I did not quite make it to the Jingle Bell run in Birmingham this morning. Instead we decided to run on our own. We did pretty well!

We ran through our complex, mike all bundled up and me with my Santa Hat placed firmly on my noggin'- it is a must for any holiday themed run you know!

We did a fine distance in a good time, and then headed out for some breakfast. But I couldn't help to notice that I felt really comfortable out there in my bruight red Santa hat. My big bright red Santa hat. Everyone who passed smiled and looked twice - but I did not care I loved it!

The reason why I am hung up n the hat issue - is that I was told by a running friend that I should not run with a hat until I can run fast - because everyone will laugh at me, and why draw attention to myself when I am not a great runner?

That always stuck with me, and during fun runs when I really wanted to wear a goofy hat to get into the spirit - I was always met with a - but they will laugh at you, or worse - that look. The look of pure disgust and emabrassment to even know me. SO I would not wear the hat or whatever, and run by myself hating my life - or rather the coices I had made in it - every step of the way - wishing I were stronger to find someone more supportive of me rto run with, and the whole while wondering what was so bad about a stinking hat anyways?

You know what? I feel sorry for that person - looking back he was embarassed that I was not a good runner, and a whole lot of other things compounded his frustration with me- but more importantly - I should have listened to myself and wore that damn hat. Fuck him and his narrowminded opinion. I feel good when I am in the spirit.

Now I do wear whatever I please when I run, and the new group of people I run with are very supportive and have fun with races too. I have had a change in running attitude - and that is that it is not about the numbers ( I cannot stress this enough people), it is about the experience - the journey.

So what if I want to wear a Santa hat while I am out there for a 5k or 10k... heck even a half-marathon? So what? Who am I hurting? No one, least of all myself. I am adding to the experience, and it is my run - that is what matters.

So if you have ever wanted to wear a goofy outfit to a themed event - be it a road race, a party/bar, or even the Ren Fest - DO IT!!!!! It is all about your experiences out there. Who cares about the other people, you need to do what will make you happy - never regret that you did not live life to the fullest because you were afraid of what others would say. Maybe they too want to dress up or be more of a part of the event - but are afraid of what YOU would say.

Run strong, run long, run happy, run free - It is not about what you wear - it is about the journey.

- Jenniferlyn


Darrell said...

I hope you ditched that so called friend. Wear a hat if you like.

Anonymous said...

You look stunning and festive in the hat. You go girl!

Arizona, USA

Anonymous said...

damn straight woman!!!!

woo hoo, wear the hat and LOVE it!

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you all! Here is to happy runs!

I am in Huntsville AL this week - so I made sure to bring all of my gear!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome attitude!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenniferlyn, cute hat! :)
By the way, my HM is on Feb. 25.
I'm deleting posts from my blog (Marathon Philosophy), because I got tired of it... I'd like to make a site about running, with a blog as well. Do you use AIM/MSN by chance? I'd like to add you there!

Ilary - halfmarathongirl