Nov 21, 2006

Snap, crackle, pop.

Not the sound of my morning breakfast. Those were the sounds of my knee last night at the gym. My knee is firmly planted where it should be, however the noises have gotten louder. Knees are not
supposed to grind. They are supposed to move fluidly.

I did an intense 15 min on the bike, walked until I got bored, and then went on to get in a lower body workout. I finished up with a steamy shower. As an added bonus my quad no longer hurts!
Everyone was right. I just needed to stop running on it for a while. So does this justify my month off from running?

As of today I am officially injury free! I like my new routine. I like that I am doing something good for my body, and helping to stave off the injuries I just know are lurking on the road waiting
for the most opportune times to attack.

I feel motivated and happy to have found a routine that I enjoy as well as want to stick to. I am also happy to see the scales moving down again!

Enjoy the week!


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Anonymous said...

Just wait til you get older. Everything starts to make noises and you have trouble reading other people's blogs cause they use SMALL TYPE!(hint)

Just kiddin'. Your blog is worth reading that small font.

Arizona, USA

Anonymous said...

BTW, keep up the training....and you have tagged. :D