Nov 20, 2006

The Journey begins with just one step...

.... although I may have to take many "first" steps on this journey as I am learning.

After nearly *GULP* a month off from any serious amounts of running - this upcoming weekend will be almost 4 weeks **shame on me!!** - I have got the motivation to get back on track! SO here is to my restart - again.

But like they say, once you fall off get right back on. I never fell off, meaning that I did not have a bad experience, quite the opposite.

It is odd that I had an amazing run for me, and then I just quit. I rested as I should have, but then bam! - I enjoyed having a life. It was nice getting back to the gym, and being able to study for class. It was nice going home for once instead of going to the metropark for a run. It was nice hanging out with friends and socializing. I missed that.

But I miss running just as much. The whole time I was in AL, I really REALLY wanted to get out running. Saturday I worked on my house getting new furniture and preparing for the guests we will be having over the holidays. My house is now ready - but my body is telling me that I need to get back out there.

SO darn it - I am getting back out there. Here I go again, starting over again! BUT I am doing it, and that is what is important.

On the plus side, I did not let go altogher - only on the act of putting one foot in front of the other for distances over a few miles. I have biked. I have swam. I have cross-trained and strength-trained. I just haven't really run.

That could pose a problem come January 14th when I set out on my 9th 13.1 mile trek. So tomorrow when I am at the gym I will put one foot in front of the other and run.

From what Penguin tells me, there is "tank top running boy" who seems to be a running machine, so maybe I will hija the treadmill behind him and get ready for a race.

Darn straight I will! And to help with my confidence, my amazing boyfriend suprised me by registering me for the 5k which accompanies the 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Morning. I thought that that was super sweet, it was a nice suprise and it shows that he supports me on my journey. He suprised me even further by signing up for it himself!

Now that is what I call sweet... but maybe ill thought out. Wednesday evening we are taking his sister Lorraine out on the town for the end all of bar nights (Robusto's and Deadwood - need I say more?) and then getting up early for a run. Hey I have done worse.

SO after the race, he jets off to work, and I jet off to my family's for a nice Thanksgiving brunch. Later that evening I meet up with him and his family at their house and spend Thanksgiving evening with them. Friday is recouperation day part 1, teamed up with dinner at Chelli's Chili, then (a moment of pure admiration here) BT at Bleu with 6 of our closest friends. WHAT A HOLIDAY TREAT!!!!!

That is getting me pumped up for the race on Thursday! Heck - if I wasn't afraid of getting pistol-whipped, I'd go for a run right now! But I digress....

I am back on track and feeling fine. Motivation found it's way back to me and just in the nick of time.

Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement. We are all on this journey together... and that means the world to this little runnergirl.

Run on my friends! RUN ON!
Runner Girl

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