Nov 13, 2006

I went to Space Camp!

Or at least I visited it today.

I am down in Huntsville, AL for the week for training which starts tomorrow, so today myself and my two co-workers decided to grab lunch and then head to the space center and museum. Let me tell you. I LOVE IT THERE!

You learn so much. It is amazing what we as humans have engineered and have been able to accomplish. Just those few short years ago we gambled on sending a man to the moon. And now look at us. Sending rovers to explore planets we once only dared to dream of visiting.

Oh I could go on for hours about my love for space, or how this love eventually lead me to go into the sciences. But I will spare you that drivel.

Running update - ugh. This pain in my quad may either be atually a hip pain, or a pain in the underlying quad muscle which is going to be very difficult to get out.

It hurts, so running has been a chore. I have been taking it way too easy. I was supposed to do a 10k yesterday, but I fell ill and was physically unable to leave the house let a lone run 6.2 miles on a painful quad.

Time for a famous Jennkins mood lifter, right? I am staying at the airport in Hustville, AL, where there really is no safe place to run around here (which has become an issue for me as of late) so I left the running equipment at home thinking that (based on my recollections of my previous stay) there is no pool or excercise room to get mileage in at anyways. WRONG!!! There is a pool, and there is a full exercise room. I could be running right now instead of whining!

This reminds me of when I was on the road so much earlier this year and whining about why the weather was not cooperating with me! It all worked out in the end, so I am not terribly worried, I just need to get back into that habit. Pronto! I have been getting in mileage at the gym, but that is getting boring and has been anti-productive as I can barely squeek in a half of a mile before I walk out of boredom.

And to top it off, my alternative to gym running was to run around my neighborhood in the AM before work or in the PM afterwards, but there are two masked gunmen on the loose wanted for both pistol whipping and beating a man in my neighborhood two weeks ago, and then for returning last Monday and carjacking a man!


Where oh where can I go? What do you do when the night is dark, safety is a concern, you run solo, and the gym track sucks the life outta you? Treadmills are a step us, but the time I am in the gym they are full and rerely open.

I am actually at a loss. I am usually not training this time of the year, so this is actually a first for me. *gasps*

Suggestions are truly welcome!!!!!

I have the Chang's RNR AZ Half in January, and I am raring to go. I just need to jump back into my training to make sure that my body is as ready as my mind is this time!!!!!

Well - be safe out there running. This week is going ot be a zero for me all around, no crosstraining and no running. A first in a looooong time.

I just do not like it!

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