Oct 11, 2006

A great 6 miler. :)

These are the legs of an accomplished woman. I ran not only the 5 scheduled, but also an additional 1 because I could. The issue was that it was soooooooo dark when I finished. I get a little skerd out there, but had a friend on a bike to keep me company and beat up the bad guys should any attack.

Again, I have to say, I need someone to pace the Freep half-marathon with me. Having someone out there to talk to, laugh with, and enjoy the run with makes it go by so much quicker. Granted I just posted about the joys of going it solo, there are many benifits in having someone along for the ride as well... even if they are on a bike.

The first 3 miles were fairly normal for me, it was on the return three that I actually felt stronger and better. This gives me great hope for Detroit, because I know that I can pace myself and hold strong, I will do just fine. And that is one thing I did tonight - I held my pace steady so I (well honestly so I would not slip on the leaves or run the bike off of the road) could go longer distances. And I took the scheduled walk breaks, but decided to stop listening to the Garmin and do what my body says is right. This helped out a lot. Yes, I am a Garmin junkie. I love being mindless in the distances and pace. I like beeps telling me when to stop, slow down, or get my butt in gear. But I will have to regulate this a little better by running for the heck of it once in a while. I just get that overwhelming feeling that I must pass. I must beat, I must speed up. I am always doing math in my head n my runs, so I am taking to turning the display to the map so I cannot see my pace distance, etc. I guess I look at it this way. I have my first half in a year coming up in 17 days. I wil have my next half in January 2007. So I will have plenty of time for fun runs after the 29th, and before the 14th of January.


Keep on running!

PS - Can someone please shed some light on my darn hip pain? It hurts AFTER runs, and feels almost bruised. It is extremely sore to the touch (very painful), but when running it does not bother me per say.

I attributed it to my lack of stretching, so I stretched really good today, and sure enough post run I am in excrutiating pain. It is hard to walk! Could it be hip flexor or bursitis? It feels more ike a tendon than a joint, so I am going with hip flexor issues, but I may be wrong. Should I see a doctor or ice and anti-inflamatory it to death? Anyone who has had hip pain, please let me know what I can do in terms of stretching, etc. Thank you!


Lance Notstrong said...

I can't run without my "gadgets" either :-)

Unknown said...

Ice, ice, stretch, and try some heat. I have those problems too. I have to get the legs massaged out too.

Anonymous said...

Do you have orthotic inserts in your shoes? I was having chronic knee pain until I added these beauties, running OR walking, now, NO pain at all.

Not to say that you shouldnt get this checked out, especially if its that bad but you might want to give properly fitted orthotics a try.