Oct 11, 2006

Runners Ramblings part deux

It helps me to reflect on the reasons why I run when I am feeling overextended or just plain blah. I remember what it is like being out there. To clear my head, work off some calories, and meet some great people on the trails. Why would I deny myself some quality me time? Catching up with friends, thinking through a tough decision, etc., whatever the reason may be I am out there. I love the friendship in running, the knowing, the support, the relation and relativity. But sometimes you just got to suck it up and do it for yourself. I was not always like this. I used to be flat out DEPENDENT on others. I hated it. So, I went out on my own and through months of training have recaptured my running spirit. I have come full circle if you will. Know that if you are out there with me I will run as fast or slow as you need me to. I will be there for support, as well as to be supported. But support and
dependency are two different words. I have wings, I will fly.


Unknown said...

The awesome thing about running is one can feel free when they do it.

Jenniferlyn said...

Amen! You are so right!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like running, it adds so much to life and intensifies so many emotions. I am so hoping to get back to it seriously, very soon. No more excuses.