Sep 18, 2006

Wow... That felt good!

I went out for my scheduled 4.5 miles (finished!!!) but realized somethings along the way.

1 - ALWAYS make sure your iPod is fully charged prior to running.
I was happily trotting away on my run when low and behold, 22 minutes into it, my iPoddy dies!!!! Darn you iPod! Ok, darn me for not assuring it was charged. :( I did the remainder of the run with the iPod on my arm and the earbuds in my ears. Lovely.

2 - Reflect on why you are out there when things get tough and you want to quit.
Although people may try to run you over (yeah that's right toots. I am talking 'bout you in the ghetto blue Chevy POS that cut me off only to turn RIGHT ... HELLO freaking biotch... why cut someone off on your LEFT when you are turning RIGHT? UGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!) and people may even offer you a ride (hey there! You might get wet.. need a lift? Ummm.. yeah it's raining of course I am going to get wet. And no, lame pick-up-line guy, my boyfriend will be by to pick me up if I need a lift.), but whatever happens just remember to think positive and get those miles in! I did my first official rain run tonight!!!! How excited am I???? **beaming yet again!**

3 - Realize that those shielded by cars never really get the feeling of the pavement like we do on our 2 feet (or los pies in espanol)
They call 'em the hills for nothing! My car has shielded me from the hilly terrain that I live in. I love running the hills now because I get to really work out the glutes (bonus baby!) and it helps my flat time dramatically (note the improvement in my times over the past two races...)

What a fruitful run!

Oh - and you biotch in the ghetto blue Chevy - I know where you live. Just try that move again.

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