Sep 18, 2006


I realized this weekend that the little issue with spinach was far more serious than I ever thought. I went to my fave coney island and ordered my usual a spinach pie omelette. The waitress
informed me that there is none to be had. Whawhawhat??? Mr. man reminded me about what I have coined Popeyegate. 109 ill with E. coli, and one 22 month old child dead. Natural Selection Foods LLC, the world s largest producer of organic produce, has been linked to the infected greens, prompting a recall of 34 brands. Natural Selection recalled its packaged spinach
throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, however, some restaurants and retailers may be taking spinach out of bags before selling it, so consumers shouldn't buy it at all, the FDA said. Stay safe and for now stay away from the stuff of Popeye s dreams. Toot toot!

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