Sep 18, 2006

The Joy of Running

One thing I have been thinking about lately is how hard we train when our heart is in it, and how little we train when we set forth on a journey we are not toally prepared for, and we know this.

I am reflecting on where I was last year - not running at this point, but still signed up for the Detroit Freep Half, and ran it cold. The thinking about how I had, just months prior, ran 4 half mary's or greater in a month's time. Dedication? Not really, as I did not run 1 mile outside the halfs.

Then I think back further to the year previous, and then back to my first year when I bonked and DNF my first marathon because I feared success, and doomed myself to fail from day 1. I came back the next year and ran and completed the Flying Pig Marathon in 2004 - ah ha! Retribution.

Now fast forward to today as I realize how this time around I am training like noone's business, and am actually excited to see how I perform this year at the Freep. So excited that with each training run or race I feel more and more dedicated to this cause. I love checking off the workouts for my training, and finishing my runs with a gross, sweaty-faced smile. I am so dedicated that my Man thinks that I am crazy, but has gotten the bug again. So dedicated that one of my coworkers is now in training for the Freep half as well, and another coworker has admited to me today that she has been bitten by the running bug!

So dedicated am I that I am recruiting fellow runners to run the crazy arse hills where I reside. SO dedicated am I that next year I would love to attempt a duathalon... but I am weak in my bike skills so I will need to get busy riding.

So dedicated am I that I look to this blog to share in my joys, my sorrows, and my journey... every step of the way. I know that none of you judges, and many of you write me to let me know to keep up the good work. That makes me feel so connected to this wonderful activity like I have never felt connected before.

I feel for my fellow RBFers when they run their races or bike their races... when they complete their first IM (HOLY SMOKES!), right down to their 1000th 5k. I feel the pain of defeat (amazing recap...), as well as the joy of victory (2nd place in age group! How wonderful!!!) through the RBF community. And I love every single moment of it.

This connection I feel has brought me to a place I never knew existed. Happiness in running. Oh yeah - you heard me. HAPPINESS in running. Boo-to-the-yah y'all!

I am actually looking forward to my AM 3-miler tomorow, and cannot wait to run my 4.5 miler again Wednesday (sickness sickness sickness!). I cannot wait to hit the dreaded 10-miler Sunday and do them all alone! That is the true test. That is my litness (sp?). That is the day when I know that I did it, that I trained the best I ever have.

Run on my friends... because there truley is no other feeling in the world!

I am a Runner Girl. And I am damn proud of it.

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mouse said...

taking a break from writing a paper to tell you how inspiring your enthusiam is. I can't wait to do my 8 tonight now! :)