Sep 11, 2006

A Vegetarian Genius!

Not to toot my own horn (toot toot!), but man can I work the veggies on the grill! One thing I have yet to master however, is Tofu.

I saw Iron Chef America's Tofu Challenge last night. How inspiring. The dishes looked really good!

My specialties are pasta dishes and sandwiches! Some currys and soups round out the resume. I have been playing around with the fermented bean goodness, and have only really come to like it
stirfried or in smoothies. I have never had it any other way!

To make up for the lack of tofu dishes, I decided this weekend to make homemade lentil soup - yes HOMEMADE! It actually turned out so good that I froze servings for me to take to work and then made
a vegetarian chili to boot! I was a soup making freak.

Since having a diverse array of veggies each day, I have been getting up early and getting my 8 hours of sleep, am dilegent about yoga and pilates (and running). Amazing how much simple things
effect our balance in life.


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