Sep 8, 2006

It is fall... seriously.

Above are my friends Par and Shar - the wonder sisters.

I have been in an adjustment week this week: extended vacay time, classes on a full load, and getting on track exercise wise have taken the front seat leaving running to hang in a holding pattern
until this weekend.

I have on tap a 3.5 miler Saturday (bonus for 4), and a 6 miler Sunday. :) I have 2 10k's this month as well - the 16th and potentially the 24th, so I am hoping to get in some good times there.

This adjustment week really has not messed up my training schedule as I have good time before D-Day in Detroit, and I am capable of the mileage required. I just need to do it. lol... no running the
Freep cold again this year. Lesson learned. This time it is all about preperation. And I am prepared!

Well off to lunch... I will post some more pics from Chicago while I am at it. Since I can only mobile post, they will have to be in individual posts for right now... I will correct it later today
or tomorrow.

Run on!


Anonymous said...

Cool Chicago photos! The Opus Dei house, is that for real? As in the Da Vinci code?

Your blog is looking great....


Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you G!

That is the FIRST Opus Dei church ever built! How cool is that? It is HUGE, I mean this pic does it no justice!