Aug 17, 2006

Why does it rain when I want to run? :(

I am getting very good at do-it-yourself yoga and my door gym. Why you ask? Why are you not out there pushing tin and giving it your all? Why are you not out there getting in the miles because you have two freaking half marathons in October?

Good questions you ask me! The answer - life! I WILL NOT beat myself up over the lack of miles this week - I have had 5 flights. It is Thursday. I have worked late into the evening from early in the morning (6AM-12AM). I was tired and really did need the sleep.

And today - RAIN. What. The. BEEP?

People are dying at amusements parks (heart attack at Six Flags), and I am sitting here blogging and not running, wishing I was running. Why do I do that? Mouse is totally awesome and I am totally a whimp.

I am laughing right now, just so you know. I will be able to get in a good 30 minute run right now, and then an hour run tomorrow if it is not the torrentual downpour it is saying will occur.

Well all, I hope you are enjoying the week! I must get out and run my little frustrated heart out.



mouse said...

awww... thanks for the shoutout! I'd probably go with "totally crazy" for all the miles i've been putting in, though. :)

and you know, life getting in the way just happens sometimes. just roll with the punches and do the best you can!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ditto to what mouse says.......That's why we runners plan around 'life'.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you both for the encouragement - I did end up going out for a quick 10 minute jog, and then this AM I went out after breakfast for a mile. Tomorrow I am actually skipping the Woodward Dream Cruise to get in some more miles!

Anonymous said...

You're right...don't beat yourself up, very counter-productive and think of all the running you HAVE accomplished. YOu will get back on track (don't we always!) and fall is the absolute best running time of year,enjoy. G