Aug 17, 2006

Grrrrrrrrrrrr.... Welcome to f*ing Chicago. *humpf*

SO - I am royally ticked off right now. I adore Chicago. But, I typically drive to Chi-town because it is only 4 hours away. However - this time I had to fly because I was coming from the middle of BFW (Wisconsin) and have a meeting tomorrow AM at 9.

It is freaking midnight and I just got to my hotel room. The trip here was more eventful and filled with snobby rude idiots!

To start - I land on time (whew) at 10:00PM at ORD (O'Hare). I walk down to baggage claim (thank you terrorists for the new need to check in all liquids... a Grrrr for another day) which we find out upon arrival, our bags will be comming in on the other side of the airport at Canadian Air (hmmmm, odd sice it was a domestic flight on Northwest.)

After waiting 30 minutes for my bag, I head out to where the bus for National Car Rental *should* pick me up. After seeing 10 Hertz buses, 3 thrifty, and NO National buses, my patience is wearing thin. Finally after another 15 minutes the National bus arrive. Yippee! Oh, wait, that was way too soon to be happy.

After arriving at National (10 minutes later BTW) I get off at the Emerald Isle stop, and find NO CARS! They hooked me up with an executive rental (a crummy Impala) and on my way out (#2 in line) the guy at the gate - CLOSES THE GATE! As in open for service, oh no - now I am closed for service. Good luck getting out!

After waiting 10 minutes, he opened the next gate for business, and 12 cars fly in line. Ugh. I finally weasle my way through the gate and am on my way!

I get through the 2 toll roads, encounter a truly mean man who was ticked I actually spent 15 seconds getting the correct toll (I did not know that I was going to be on toll roads - sorry sir!)and was on my way once again. I missed my turn onto Cermak/22nd st. I get off at the next, turn around and am forced to go BACK through tolls. I finally find my way only to discover that my Mapquest directions are bass ackwards, and end up driving way out of my way wasting another long time.

I decide to try going the other direction, and bam, find the hotel. After calling for 10 minutes, and waiting at the desk for another 5 before anyone came up - I am a little miffed.

Is this city that I love filled with rude people or what? UGGGGGHHHHHHH.

I really REALLY hope that tomorrow goes better. I pray it does because I am so frustrated... and need sleep.

Well hope everyone else's travels go much smoother than mine!

Travel on y'all!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, you're having all of the fun!! This is when you need to turn into 'RunnerGirl' and don your cape to escape from RudeWorld. Hopefully it gets better for you.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you coach Ken!

Today was MUCH better - traffic, detours that I had to make up myself because of construction, and of course the Chicago construction itself which really does rival MI.

I cannot wait to head back to D-Town tomorrow and catch a Tiger's game.