Aug 18, 2006

All good things must come to an end...

Well today I am leaving Chi-Town heading back to the D. Although my running - or lack there of - has been way less than stellar, I did manage to get in some culture.

Things I saw this week -

* DTW (Detroit, MI)[twice]
* MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) [twice]
* RHI (Rheinlander, WI)[twice]
* ORD (Chicago, IL)

* The Mall of America (via window seat on airplane)
* Sear's Tower
* Two suppliers' buildings (4 buildings in all)
* The entire Chicago sky-line
* The first Opus Dei church ever (Chicago) not much interest to me other than it is right outside my friends' apartment and is huge and quite the spectacle at night!

* Elk Lake
* Long Lake
* Wilson Lake
* A Great Lake
* A bob cat
* 12 deer graving right off of the road... they did not even flinch when I drove past!

* Phillips' High School's mascot of a logger. Yes that's right... a LOGGER. (Think Paul Bunyon on crack)* The Wis Concrete County Park
* The "dead end/no hunting" signs at the cemetery in Phillips, WI
* The Hotel/resort in Phillips, WI called "Feses". Yes, spelled with an "s" but pronounced the same... some people...
* Horrible drivers in Chicago!

So right now I only have 1 flight, thank goodness, and as soon as I arrive in DTW, we are heading down to the Tiger's game with my man's family for a nice relaxing night out.

Saturday is Woodward Dream Cruise, however I think that I may skip it in favor of running some mileage and recooperating from the week past of travelling. Sunday is my long run and nothing short of death is going to keep me from it.

Well, off to upload some more pictures from my friends' rooftop view...

Hope all have enjoyed their week!

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