Aug 28, 2006

The week ahead... Running! Pilates! School! Chicago!

After my happy happy time at the 5k of the CRIM I took Sunday off to get some much neglected housework.

Today I am off to the gym for pilates and strength training. Tuesday is 3.5 miles Wednesday is Pilates and a 4 mile run training Thursday marks my return to complete my Masters degree and a 3.5 mile
run Friday is rest and this weekend is Chicago for Pure nation. I need to get in a 5 miler this weekend, but may forsake it and run it Monday.

I absolutely cannot miss long runs this time around. I actually cannot wait to hit the LSDs!

Mileage is very important at this part of training. I am capable as I have a running history, but out of practice - I just need to get out and do it.

I have no access to this blog during work, so I must post mobile during the day which limits me to 1000 characters. I will post more later - until then have a great day all!

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay you know what you need to do, so just do it. The long runs are really what will make your races so much fun.