Aug 28, 2006

... but it does not matter.

Those five words are quite powerful.

I discovered the words that make it possible to be positive. The words? But it does not matter.

For example, say the following

It is raining outside!

Quite a negative thought, yes? Now say this

It is raining outside... but it does not matter.

A ha! I am to tired to run... but it does not matter because I will go running anyway!

See how empowering those words can be? Next time you feel the need to sleep in, stay dry, or nurse a hangover remember these wonderful words.

But it does not matter.

it works in all situations, not just running. Being stuck in traffic, people at work, or even just having a bad day. After any negative thought just say the magic five and you will be in a better
frame of mind! It takes the power away from nagativity and gives it to positivity!

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Anonymous said...

Very good and easy to remember!!! I will have a LOT of opportunities to try this out. Thanks RG