Aug 31, 2006


How do you know when you are too tired and need more sleep? When you come home from work to change for Pilates class and fall asleep! I missed the class and woke up around 8:30PM. I then watched
some TV, and my typical Wednesday evening view of Project Runway, then promptly went back to bed, barely being able to wake up at 6:30AM! Ouch. Me need sleep.

So tonight is the start of Fall 06 at Oakland University. I have Engineering Decision Analysis (I am going for my MS in Engineering Management, which is a dual degree of part MBA and part advanced
Engineering Degree. I have completed the MBA portion, and am starting my year of Engineering classes... joy! )

Because this is the first term of my classes being 5:30 - 7:30, I am going to wing it and see if I can fit in the 3.5 miles tonight when I get home. I am off from work tomorrow so I may do the mileage
tomorrow instead.

Well off to do more work and head to OU (Go Grizzlies!) for books.

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