Aug 29, 2006

I AM a runner!!!!!!!! Holy sh*t.

I just got back from my run! I was sort of ignorant and started my run at 9PM. It was not so bad when I started! But then it got so dark I realized that even with my blinky red light to warn traffic that I am there (and boy is it BRIGHT!) that I could not see other people - as evident by my near miss with another crazy arse runner. I ran through a HUGE mud hole disguised as grass and seriously dirtied my second pair of running shoes in 2 days! YUCK.

I say that I AM a runner because this run was execptionally easy. Not that I took it easy - I went to my fullest ability - I just mean that I easily could have done 5 or 6 without hesitation... except for the pure blackness I was running into.

TNT Coach Ken, Geraldine, Mouse, Michele, Shore Turtle, Tony, Angie's Pink Fuzzy, and everyone else who has encouraged me these past few months while I really, and I mean really struggled with my goals - Thank you so much for being there when I needed that extra push. I hope to meet and run with all of you! I *heart* all of you guys!

Well of to do dishes and shower!

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Yay, RunnerGirl. Now you don't have to change your name.....