Aug 8, 2006

Pilates kicks me to the core, and a nice 3 mile run

Yesterday I followed the schedule. *bow to the schedule* I came home from work, made a wonderful steak dinner for Mr. Meat, and then went to the club and busted Pilates until my core hurt! WOW I forget how ab-intensive this workout is.

I decided that I like yoga much better, but I will go to Pilates 2 x per week for a month, and at that point I will see if I would like to carry on with it. I think that I do not like it because my core is weak, and some moves are really straining on it. But I figure after a month I should see improvement, and then I will decide if I like it enough to stick with it, or stick to Yoga solely.

After the pilates mat workout, I came back home and went for a nice easy 3 mile run. I slowed my pace down enough that I really could have gone on forever it seemed. The pace/distance correlation is odd with me. I think it goes back to HR, where if you are in a certain heart rate, you can pretty much work out longer with less stress. I am not sure though, however I do know that for me it is about running, and I will slow the pace to an easy 12 minute mile to run consistently.

The 3 miles were supposed to be this AM, so I think that tonight I will run the 3 again to stay on track. Tomorrow night is my 2nd Pilates class of the week, then Thursday and Friday I am off from work (My 28th Birthday is Friday!) so I will do some running and Yoga, as well as some strength training. Saturday is yoga at 8:30AM with Mr. Meat, and then again at 9:30AM at Ballys, followed by some more ST. Sunday is a long run - I am thinking 5 miles this week - and more strength training after my Kwando class at Ballys.

That sounds like a lot going on workout wise, but I like diversity to keep me motivated. I may go to the lake Sunday for the 5 mile run and for a nice rowing workout and forgo the Kwando and ST, it all depends on my mood. I like knowing that I can walk if I need to during my runs, and I can swap out other activities should my schedule - or body - demand it during the weekends.

Talk about being super motivated! My body feels so good after the Pilates and Yoga sessions, that my running and breathing is progressing along equally as well.

Well carry on y'all!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Sounds like someone is having fun while they get in shape! Glad to read that you have a plan, that keeps you on track. I’ll be reading to see how things are going, keep up the great work.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Coach Ken!

I will possibly see you next Tuesday at the Deadwood in Northville for the Downtown Runners/Walkers of Detroit group run. I am so ready!