Aug 7, 2006

Ta Da! I accomplished a schedule..... let's see if I can follow it.

Below represents the schedule I have come up with. It allows for my work schedule, class time, as well as about 11 hours of study time for my class. (That is nearly 3 hours per credit hour, more than enough!)

It also allows for my weekly runs in the AM on days I have class in the PM, as well as a long distance run every Sunday. My Pilates classes are scheduled (2 per week) as well as an organized Yoga class (1 per week). I also have plenty of time scheduled for my strength training workouts ,around 30 minutes each, (4 per week). I addition I threw in a Kwando class at the gym for added cardio/weightloss.

The flexibility of this schedule is allowing me to add runs in as I feel the need, and still allow me the time for studying in blocked out intervals, that was if I am light in homework or studying necessity, I can go to the lake, run, or just relax. I also have enough down time so nights are free on the weekend for good times, and I am allowing myself to sleep in these days, however I will be getting the same amount of sleep in hours per night.

Classes start the 30th, so I will need to start the sleep portion now, and work in some of the classes I have scheduled so I can get an idea if this schedule is prime.

So, what do you think?
Plan on,


Anonymous said...

I love to have a gazillion lists, schedules, things I MUST do that day...but it often has to go by the wayside, life happens right!!! Good luck with your schedule, if it works out, great, if it doesn't don't be too hard on yourself, you are trying, that's what really counts.

Jenniferlyn said...

Amen girl!