Aug 8, 2006

I hate bats!

I just got back from an awesome 2.7 mile run (was supposed to be 3 but fell short due to darkness and BATS!!!!)

I finally found my pace! It is slow and all - somewhere in the 12's I would say (forgot my Garmin)- but I felt like I could easily do 6 miles without issue. Gosh I feel so much better knowing that I am getting to where I need to be - even if my pace is slow, I can run run run!

I always wondered why I could run a half-marathon without walking one step, but had to walk during a 5k. PACE. I always had it in me... I just had to DO it.

And boy did Mr. RunnerGirl have a fun time... ever since I got home I begged and begged and begged to go running... he is so tired due to work, and I felt bad wanting him to go, but for safety I like having him with me if I am running past 8PM. Due to misc. issues and fatigue he walked most of the way, but I am SO terribly proud of him! *way to go Mr. RunnerGirl*

It was nice being out there on the road and feeling like a runner! Because I am one darn it!

So for all of you training for a race, for health, or just thinking about running for fun... RUN ON!

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