Aug 1, 2006

The Overzealous Runner - How More Can Be Dangerous

Thinking about how close I am to the CRIM race, as well as the fact that I will not be running the 10 mile race for the first time, I realized how my running attitude has changed, nay, matured.

I used to think that if I was not running 26.2 miles, than why bother. If 5k's got comfortable to me, I would go for the longest run - 15k or so - and beat myself up all along the way.

Now I realize that aside from the positive mental attitude adjustment I had to do, I also have to realize that running in general is just fine.

What brought this on was the dread I will feel running into an ex-running partner at the CRIM. Although they are doing the 10 miler, I know if they find out I am "only" doing the 5k they will just gloat and think that I have failed.

There is a reason this person is an EX-running partner. The negativity I endured was far too much to handle. There is a whole other backstory there, one I choose never to go into.

5k's are wonderful! 10k's are great! 1 miler's are fabulous! Even two steps in a run is better than what I did pre-2003. I do not run for prestige or vanity (reference the first post today). I run for health, fun, and camaraderie.

Through running I have found solice in knowing that I am not alone. My boyfriend's sister runs. Two of my co-workers in my building run a 5k every month. A coworker in our Auburn Hills office runs a lot of trails, and many other races. Another coworker in that same building does a marathon every now and again.

Not only does it gives us something mutual to talk about, it also engages others in what we are doing. There is no "why" or "how come". It just is.

I say more can be dangerous, because I think some people have the same attitude I once had - ignoring the 10% rule and fabricating a destined to fail program with little research or thought.

Today is a hotty of a day, and I will go to the gym to do some strength training, maybe a Pilates class, and tomorrow I am going to head out on the trails of Auburn Hills with a coworker to do a good hour run.

I feel good about this, and finally happy with my resolution to do the CRIM 5k. I have 2 months to the day to get ready for my Chicago half, and another 28 days after that for the Detroit Freep.

I am ready. One step at a time. The journey goes on.


ShoreTurtle said...

I try to avoid people like that who spread negativity. I agree with you that just running in general is just fine. It's a healthy outlook on life.

I regret not doing the CRIM when I was Michigan. It's a classic. Good luck with the 5K. I have a self-imposed ban on racing in the summer. It's too hot! I'm looking forward to September.

Jenniferlyn said...

The CRIM 5k will be my first race this year!

I am glad that other poeple try to stay away from the negative people out there!

Have a nice summer in Redheaded fan girl's pool! It looks nice! And by Intex, the same brand as my new boat...