Aug 2, 2006

Are you a chicken or an eagle?

Today I will be doing a run with a co-worker out by the DCX Tech Center. I was informed that the trails we are going to be taking require balancing on a log to get across a river... which reminds me of a trail run I did last year in which at the split-point, you were asked "Are you a chicken or an eagle?".

Depending on your answer they would lead you to one trail or another... the chicken being cowardly and although still a nice trail run, was not considered risky enough. The eagle was filled with water, overgrown everything, and sillyness to ensue. It was also a bit longer.

I, of course, chose the chicken. Trail running is a sport not to be taken lightly! Today I am choosing the eagle - un-paved, and log-crossing included.

I will post back later pics of the run as well as status post-run.

Wish me luck... I just hope that I do not get my wings clipped!
Trail on!

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