Aug 29, 2006

Finally decided on new header... And why is Blogger a hassle?

Hope you like the new header! I made at least 5 variations of this, different fading and text. I like this one the

Anyhow, I attempted to read some blogs and now I get this Google error page; so I think that I may have some problems with it.

I am seriously thinking of switching blogs! Blogger is just a hassle! I am thinking or someplace similar.

Any suggestions?

Well enjoy and I hopefully will be back up and running... err no pun intended... soon!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is looking fantastic! I love your signatures at the ends of posts too, very nice.

Glad Ive been some encouragement along the are a very motivated person, that's for sure and I admire that. I want to get back to running, on a REGULAR basis so much. Hopefully soon.

Huggs, G

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you so much Gerladine! I meant every word!