Aug 14, 2006

I adore flying... no, really I do!

So here I am in Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. I started out in Detroit at 10:00AM today... it is now 4:40PM my local time. My plane is not leaving here for Rhinelander, WI for another hour. When I
do finally land, I have an hour drive ahead of me. Oh... but it gets better folks!

Wednesday night I leave Rhinelander, WI to fly back to Minneapolis/St. Paul, only to not fly home, but to Chicago, arriving at 11:00PM. I then have a 30 minute drive to where I am staying.

Friday I fly from ORD (O'Hare) to DTW (Detroit Metro) just in time for a Tiger's Baseball game.

ROAR! :) So folks... 5 flights in 5 days.

In preparation for my crazy week o' travel, I purchased a Bally's Door Gym. This is made for both Pilates moves as well as a good overall workout. So if where I am staying does not have a gym... no
frets I can still do bicep curls with the best of them.

I also packed running stuff because I cannot miss a week of running!!!!

Well, I must sit here and await my plane.

Fly on!


mouse said...

I bet, despite all the slack we get for being such a "ghetto" city, that DTW will by far be the nicest airport that you visit on your travels. I *heart* McNamara terminal.

travel safe!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Glad to hear you took running stuff.....You can see so much more running. Have fun.

Go Tigers

Jenniferlyn said...

Amen Sistah! Ghetto airports rule! And by ghetto I mean the Mac.

I still love it better than any other so far!