Aug 14, 2006

I adore flying... no, really I do!

So here I am in Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. I started out in Detroit at 10:00AM today... it is now 4:40PM my local time. My plane is not leaving here for Rhinelander, WI for another hour. When I
do finally land, I have an hour drive ahead of me. Oh... but it gets better folks!

Wednesday night I leave Rhinelander, WI to fly back to Minneapolis/St. Paul, only to not fly home, but to Chicago, arriving at 11:00PM. I then have a 30 minute drive to where I am staying.

Friday I fly from ORD (O'Hare) to DTW (Detroit Metro) just in time for a Tiger's Baseball game.

ROAR! :) So folks... 5 flights in 5 days.

In preparation for my crazy week o' travel, I purchased a Bally's Door Gym. This is made for both Pilates moves as well as a good overall workout. So if where I am staying does not have a gym... no
frets I can still do bicep curls with the best of them.

I also packed running stuff because I cannot miss a week of running!!!!

Well, I must sit here and await my plane.

Fly on!

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